New features of CAMplete 2024

Autodesk Fusion 360 with CAMplete products are used by manufacturers who are utilizing CAM programming software and CNC machines to produce parts. CAMplete is commonly used by manufacturing engineers, CAM programmers, or NC machine operators to help post process, simulate, and verify the toolpaths created in CAM software products, such as Fusion 360, FeatureCAM, and PowerMill.

New features of CAMplete 2024

Autodesk Fusion 360 with CAMplete TruePath and Autodesk Fusion 360 with CAMplete TurnMill both provide G-code post-processing, verification, and simulation capabilities for a range of different CNC machine types and applications.
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What you can do with CAMplete?
Proven post processing for your CNC machines

CAMplete uses customizable post processors, developed in partnership with machine tool builders, to convert your CAM software files into safe NC machining code. (video: 1:43 min.)

G-code verification

Tools for 5-axis simulation and verification help you predict machine behavior before you run a single line of G-code. (video: 1:46 min.)

Common features provided by CAMplete TruePath and TurnMill
Works with CAM software

Import data files from different CAM products before simulating, verifying, and exporting safe G-code. Seamlessly transfer your Fusion 360PowerMill, or FeatureCAM data into CAMplete.

Reliable G-code verification

CAMplete software uses accurate 3D models that the machine manufacturer supplies. This accuracy increases the level of precision possible during simulation and verification, resulting in greater confidence in the quality and safety of your NC machining code.

Detect collisions and overtravel

Simulate your machining process to quickly identify common problems and help avoid downtime and costly repairs. CAMplete software can detect potential machine crashes, near-misses, setup errors, and machine overtravel using a digital twin of your CNC machine.

Analyze machine motion

Powerful tools help analyze the motion of the individual linear and rotary axes of your machine, allowing you to highlight problems that might negatively impact part quality, surface finish, or overall machining cycle times.

Optimize G-code files

Customizable post processors allow you to configure the format of exported NC machining code. Use an intuitive interface and workflow to insert editable blocks of code that make the most of the capabilities and limitations of your machine and NC controller.

Visualize machine interpolation

CAMplete software simulates and analyzes all types of machine motion. Validate cutting moves, non-cutting connection moves, tool changes, axis reconfigurations, and more. Achieve greater confidence in the quality and safety of your machining programs.

Fusion 360 with CAMplete TruePath features
Proven post processors

CAMplete software uses accurate post processors, developed by Autodesk and the machine manufacturer. These post processors have been field tested, helping you shorten the time needed to become productive with your CNC machines.

Advanced rotary controls

Advanced options allow you to precisely control how the rotary axes of your CNC machine will behave in different scenarios, helping you avoid unexpected or hazardous motion.

Change CNC machine

CAMplete software simplifies the process of moving a tried-and-tested machining operation from one machine to another, even for cases in which the two machines have different axis configurations or use a different type of NC controller.

Editable post processors

CAMplete post processors are editable, meaning you can quickly adjust the format of the exported G-code to suit your needs, and make the best use of your specific machine and NC controller.

G-code comparison

Comparison tools help check one version of a NC machine file against another. Quickly identify revisions, either made manually or as a side effect of an update to your post processor, to improve the management of your shop-floor machining data.

Stock comparison

Compare a virtual representation of your in-process stock against the intended 3D CAD model to quickly identify problems such as collisions and remaining stock. Avoid costly mistakes and production delays.

Fusion 360 with CAMplete TurnMill features
Multi-tasking machines

CAMplete TurnMill provides specialist tools to help with machine simulation, verification, and post processing for the range of multi-tasking machines provided by Nakamura-Tome.

Machine synchronization

TurnMill includes advanced capabilities to help synchronize the motion of multi-tasking machines. Simplify the synchronization of turrets, main and sub-spindles, live tooling, and part transfers for safe and efficient part production.

Time-based optimization

Use a timeline view of your multi-tasking machine operations and subroutines. This view helps identify and remove inefficiencies and waste to shorten machining cycle times and increase productivity.

Flexible process development

Modify entire operations and reassign tooling to different machining positions to shorten development times.