Mold-base design
for press tools
CAD Imports
Neutral CAD import
Third-party CAD import
Surface & solid modeling
Wireframe modeling
Surface modeling
Smart Surface creator
Solid modeling
Direct modeling
Solid/surface booleans
Solid doctor
Visual analysis
Model comparison analysis
Modeling for tool and die
2D drawing creation
Draft surface/curve creation
Die wzard
Core/Cavity separation
Model morphing
Rib capping
Assembly modeling
Morph to point cloud/meshes
Power features
Curve wrapping/unwrapping
Specialist press-die surfaces
Mold base design wizard
Standard component catalogs
Electrode design
Electrode wizard
Electrode setup sheets
Electrode integration with PowerMill
Electrode integration with PowerInspect
Export data to EDM hardware
Reverse engineering
Import/export STL meshes
Import point clouds
Connect with scanning hardware
Point cloud editing
Mesh editing
Model alignment
Texturing and logos
Mesh segmentation
Reverse engineered surfaces
Tribrid modeling
Interactive mesh sculpting